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Honor Roll '06-'07
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Class of 1944
Nan Grindle Amstutz '44Marion Drasher Berry '44
Mary Ann Swanger Burns '44Barbara Snow Delaney '44 GP'01
Gellestrina DiMaggio '44Jacqueline Pinney Dunbar '44
Margaret Roe Fischer '44Mary-Jean Moran Hart '44
Virginia Passavant Henderson '44 P'71 GP'02Jane Bridgwater Hewes '44 P'72
Mildred Gremley Hodgson '44Elise Abrahams Josephson '44 P'70 '75
Edith Miller Kerrigan '44Jeanne Jacques Kleinschmidt '44
Jane Shaw Kolkhorst '44Priscilla Martin Laubenstein '44
Virginia Weber Marion '44 GP'02Dorothy Raymond Mead '44
Sally Church Payntar* '44Mary Ann Griffith Reed '44 GP'05
Barbara Barlow Schaefer '44 P'81Shirley Wood Schroder '44
Lucretia Lincoln Stanley '44Susan Chappell Strahn* '44
Elizabeth Hassell Styles '44Mariana Parcells Wagoner '44
Mary Cox Walker '44 P'71Mary Lewis Wang '44
Catherine Wallerstein White, Ph.D. '44
P = Parent; GP = Grandparent
* = Deceased