Professor George J. Willauer & the
Rev. Cynthia C. Willauer '72

Wanting to be Part of the College's Success

When George and Cynthia Willauer arrived at Connecticut College in 1962, their home soon became a popular gathering place for students and English department faculty.

The guests enriched their lives in ways the Willauers never would have imagined. George, a professor in the department, encouraged open discussions. No topics were off-limits as students and professors tackled difficult subjects over dinner or afterward in the living room.

One of the Willauers' favorite memories is a trip to Tanzania in 1995 with Professor Marion Doro and Connecticut College students. They celebrated George's birthday with their students, sitting on the ground, eating African food with their fingers and being serenaded by African drummers. At the end everyone joined in the dancing.

"I give to Connecticut College with gratitude for what it has given me and my family," Cynthia said. She is also proud of its environmental leadership.

George, who retired in 2002 as the Charles J. MacCurdy Professor Emeritus of American Studies, also gives out of gratitude. He has enjoyed watching the College grow over the years. "I want to be part of its successes," he said.

Longtime supporters of the library, the Arboretum and other campus priorities, the Willauers have also included the College in their estate plans. In addition, they established the Beaver Brook Endowed Fund to support annual lectures in the Department of Literatures in English and in the Environmental Studies program.